Nomatic Carry-On Pro Review [Updated November 2023]

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Welcome to our in-depth Nomatic Carry-On Pro review, a deep dive into the world of luxurious, smooth travel.

If you have been searching for a robust, stylish, and practical carry-on that takes your travel game to the next level, your search ends here. Renowned for its unrivaled organization and functional design, Nomatic Carry-On Pro promises to redefine how you travel.

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Company Background and History

Overview of Nomatic as a Brand

Nomatic, a brand synonymous with innovation and functional design, has constantly pushed the boundaries of travel gear since its inception. A favorite among modern travelers, Nomatic has carved its niche with products that effortlessly blend style, durability, and practicality.

Founding Story and Key Milestones

Nomatic was born out of a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 by Jacob Durham and Jon Richards, two cousins with a shared vision for creating functional products that inspire confidence in the digital nomad lifestyle.

The brand’s journey began with the launch of the innovative Nomatic Wallet, which quickly reached its funding goal. This initial success paved the way for many more innovative travel products, including the Nomatic Carry-On Pro, which has become a game-changer in the luxury travel gear market.

Company’s Mission and Values

At its core, Nomatic is driven by a mission to inspire confidence for life on the move. The brand values innovative design and attention to detail, creating products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and durable.

With a deep commitment to its customers, Nomatic constantly strives to enhance the travel experience, embodying the spirit of adventure and the joy of discovery in every product it creates.

Nomatic Carry-On Pro Review

Nomatic Carry-On Pro Review

Detailed Description of the Nomatic Carry-On Pro

The Nomatic Carry-On Pro is the epitome of stylish and functional travel gear. This carry-on bag, designed with the modern traveler in mind, offers a perfect blend of durability and versatility.

Crafted using high-quality materials, this bag is designed to withstand the rigors of travel, whether you’re sprinting through the airport or hauling it over cobblestone streets. Its sleek, minimalist aesthetics, coupled with its innovative design elements, make it a standout addition to any traveler’s collection.


Weight: 8.86lbs
Capacity: 29L
Outer Dimensions: 22″ H x 14″ W x 9″ D

Highlighting Key Features and Design Elements

What sets the Nomatic Carry-On Pro apart is its suite of innovative features designed to make travel more seamless. Its unique tech compartment allows easy access and safe storage for your devices on the move. The bag also includes a removable panel featuring a padded laptop pocket, tablet pocket, and additional pockets for smaller tech accessories.

Furthermore, the Nomatic Carry-On Pro’s design includes a patented strap system that allows you to carry it as a duffel or wear it as a backpack, adapting to your travel needs. The bag also has silent, 360-degree spinning wheels and a sturdy, retractable handle for effortless maneuverability.

The bag’s exterior boasts water-resistant materials and quality YKK zippers, offering protection from the elements and ensuring your belongings remain safe and secure.

Quality and Durability

Materials and Construction of the Nomatic Carry-On Pro

The Nomatic Carry-On Pro is a testament to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The bag’s exterior is constructed from durable, water-resistant polycarbonate and nylon materials.

This winning combination ensures the bag is not only robust but also lightweight enough for easy transportation. The interior boasts high-quality, tear-resistant polyester lining, designed to withstand the test of time. The bag also features top-of-the-line YKK zippers, known industry-wide for their reliability and durability.

Manufacturing Process and Quality Control

Nomatic adheres to strict manufacturing norms and rigorous quality control processes. Each Carry-On Pro is painstakingly crafted, ensuring every stitch, zipper, and pocket meets the brand’s high standards.

The use of advanced manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, coupled with a robust quality control process, ensures that every Nomatic product, including the Carry-On Pro, is a high-quality piece of gear you can rely on.

Real-World Durability and Customer Reviews

The Carry-On Pro’s durability goes beyond just its materials and manufacturing process. Real-world use and customer reviews reaffirm the bag’s resilience and longevity. Many users praise the bag’s ability to withstand the rigors of travel, from the hustle and bustle of urban commutes to the demands of international travel.

Customers frequently commend the Carry-On Pro for its enduring quality, maintaining its form and function even after extensive use. The consensus is clear: the Nomatic Carry-On Pro is built to last, making it a worthy investment for any frequent traveler.

Design and Aesthetics

Nomatic’s Design Philosophy

Nomatic’s design philosophy revolves around the seamless integration of functionality and style. The brand is committed to creating products that not only serve their purpose efficiently but also make a style statement.

Nomatic believes in a minimalist design, emphasizing clean lines, practical features, and a modern aesthetic. This philosophy is reflected in the design of the Carry-On Pro, where functionality and style go hand in hand.

Aesthetic Appeal and Visual Branding of the Carry-On Pro

The Carry-On Pro reaffirms Nomatic’s commitment to contemporary aesthetics with its sleek, minimalist design. Its streamlined silhouette and subdued color palette embody sophistication, while the brand’s logo subtly placed on the front accentuates its modern appeal.

The bag’s aesthetic appeal is amplified by its visual branding, with the polished, professional look directly catering to the brand’s target audience of urban travelers and digital nomads.

Customization Options and Personalization

While the Nomatic Carry-On Pro is not customizable in terms of design, it offers a degree of personalization in the form of packing cubes and accessory bags that can be added to suit individual needs. These additions allow travelers to organize their gear in a way that best suits their travel style and requirements.

However, the Carry-On Pro itself remains a testament to Nomatic’s design prowess, offering an unchangeable but meticulously designed layout that caters to the modern traveler’s needs without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Functionality and Features

Nomatic Carry-on Pro Functionality and Features

Key Features of the Nomatic Carry-On Pro

The Nomatic Carry-On Pro has features designed to make travel more accessible and efficient. One of the key features of the bag is the tech compartment, which provides secure and easy access to your devices.

The removable panel has a padded laptop and tablet pocket, along with additional pockets for smaller tech accessories, ensuring your gadgets are safe and accessible.

The patented strap system allows for versatility in carrying the bag, enabling you to switch between a duffel and a backpack. Additionally, the bag comes equipped with silent, 360-degree spinning wheels for smooth maneuverability.

Innovative Design Elements and Technology Integration

Innovation is at the heart of Nomatic’s design philosophy, as exhibited by the Carry-On Pro. Including the unique tech compartment that allows for safe storage and easy device access reflects this.

The patented strap system is another example of innovative design, offering flexibility in how the bag can be carried. Other forward-thinking features include the silent, 360-degree spinning wheels, which make navigating through airports and city streets a breeze, and the sturdy, retractable handle that adds to the bag’s ease of use.

How the Product Caters to Modern Travelers’ Needs

The Nomatic Carry-On Pro is designed with the modern traveler in mind. Its features are tailored to fit the needs of individuals who travel frequently for work or pleasure. The tech compartment caters to the tech-savvy traveler who needs a safe and convenient way to carry their laptop, tablet, and other devices.

The bag’s capacity, ranging from 38L for the Regular variant to 42L for the Pro, caters to those who pack light for quick trips and those who need extra room for longer journeys. Additionally, its design allows for seamless transitions between different modes of travel, making it a suitable choice for urban commuting, road-tripping, or international travel.

Pricing and Value

Cost of the Nomatic Carry-On Pro and Available Packages

The Nomatic Carry-On Pro is positioned as a premium product in the luggage market, with a price tag to match. The Carry-On Pro is currently listed at $549.99 on the Nomatic website. This price includes the bag itself, along with a complimentary laundry bag. Additional accessories, such as packing cubes or a toiletry bag, can be added to your purchase at an extra cost.

Value Proposition Compared to Competitors

When compared to its competitors, Nomatic’s Carry-On Pro stands out not only for its robust quality and advanced features but also for its overall value proposition. While the initial investment may seem steep, the bag’s longevity, practicality, and style merit the expenditure.

Nomatic’s commitment to manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction also adds to its value. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products, ensuring that any issues you encounter will be addressed. Thus, in the long run, the Carry-On Pro may prove to be a more cost-effective option than cheaper, less reliable alternatives.

Considerations for Different Budgets

For those on a tight budget, the price of the Nomatic Carry-On Pro may be a hurdle. However, considering the durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the Carry-On Pro, it’s worth viewing this purchase as an investment.

Over time, the initial cost is likely to be offset by the bag’s longevity and the convenience it offers. For those who can afford the upfront cost, the Nomatic Carry-On Pro delivers unparalleled value and is well worth the investment.

And for those in-between, consider the value of a reliable, functional, and stylish bag that meets all your travel needs while also making a style statement. The Nomatic Carry-On Pro is not just a bag, it’s an investment in stress-free and organized travel.

Customer Support and Warranty

Nomatic’s Customer Service and Support Channels

Nomatic has established a reputation for its outstanding customer service. Committed to ensuring a satisfying experience for all customers, they offer multiple support channels. The most direct method is via their website, where a comprehensive FAQ section addresses common concerns and queries.

For more specific inquiries, customers can reach out through the ‘Contact Us’ page, which promises a response within 24 hours. To further enhance customer experience, Nomatic has a presence on various social media platforms where they actively engage and respond to customer comments and messages.

Warranty Policies and Coverage

Nomatic’s belief in product quality is reflected in its generous warranty policies. All Nomatic products, including the Carry-On Pro, have a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and any damage caused under normal usage conditions.

It is intended to assure customers that their investment in a Nomatic product is protected and that the company stands behind the durability and craftsmanship of its products. However, it’s important to note this warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect, or damage caused by carriers.

Handling of Customer Complaints and Issues

Nomatic places a high value on customer satisfaction and handles complaints professionally and efficiently. If a customer encounters a problem with a product, they are encouraged to contact Nomatic’s customer service team, committed to resolving issues promptly.

The team facilitates the warranty claim process, guiding customers through each step to ensure a smooth experience. If a product is deemed to have a manufacturing defect or damage covered under the warranty, Nomatic will either repair or replace the product without charge.

This commitment to customer satisfaction further emphasizes Nomatic’s dedication to providing high-quality, reliable products.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Nomatic’s Approach to Sustainability

Nomatic takes sustainability seriously, recognizing its responsibility towards the environment and future generations. Their approach to sustainability encompasses a commitment to reduce waste, utilize eco-friendly materials, and implement practices that minimize their environmental impact.

Use of Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices

Nomatic’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its choice of materials. They opt for high-quality, durable materials that prolong the lifespan of their products, reducing the need for replacement and minimizing waste.

Additionally, Nomatic constantly seeks to incorporate more recycled materials into its products without compromising quality or durability. They have also implemented environmentally friendly practices in their offices and factories, making conscientious efforts to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Ethical Manufacturing and Supply Chain Transparency

In addition to sustainability, Nomatic is committed to ethical manufacturing. They ensure fair labor practices are upheld in all their factories, providing safe working conditions and fair wages.

Nomatic also values supply chain transparency, believing customers have a right to know where and how their products are made. By upholding these principles, Nomatic not only ensures the quality of its products but also contributes positively to the communities in which it operates.

Comparisons with Competing Brands

When pitted against other major carry-on luggage brands, the Nomatic Carry-On Pro holds its own with its robust construction, innovative features, and stylish design. Brands such as Samsonite and Tumi, while offering durability and style, don’t quite match up to the Nomatic Carry-On Pro’s exceptional organization features, like its tech compartment and laundry bag.

Strengths and Weaknesses Compared to Competitors

Nomatic’s strengths lie in its product’s longevity, versatility, and unique features designed for seamless travel—a formidable combination in competing brands. However, the Nomatic Carry-On Pro falls on the higher end of the price spectrum, which may deter budget-conscious travelers. Competing brands may offer economical options, but they often compromise durability and innovative features.

Unique Selling Points and Differentiators

What sets the Nomatic Carry-On Pro apart from the competition are its tech compartment, a rare feature in carry-on luggage, and its stylish, minimalist design that doesn’t compromise functionality.

The tech compartment caters to the modern traveler, providing a separate, secure space for laptops and other electronics. The bag’s overall design optimizes storage without adding bulk, making it a standout choice in carry-on luggage.


In the realm of travel gear, the Nomatic Carry-On Pro holds a distinguished position. Its superior quality, functional design, high durability, and stylish aesthetics set it apart. While the upfront cost might seem high, an investment in the Carry-On Pro is an investment in hassle-free, organized travel for years to come.

The lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service further amplify the value of this purchase. Additionally, Nomatic’s commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices makes it an appealing choice for the conscious consumer.

Overall, the Nomatic Carry-On Pro transcends the typical definition of a travel bag, offering a comprehensive solution for modern travel needs and setting new standards in the industry. Whether for business or leisure, the Nomatic Carry-On Pro is a reliable companion for any journey.