Does Your Luggage Get Searched on a Cruise?

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Are you planning for your next vacation on a cruise ship? If yes, you might wonder if your luggage will get searched upon boarding the ship. It is a common query among travelers who are taking a trip on a cruise for the first time. This comprehensive post will explore if your luggage gets searched on a cruise and what you can pack and cannot bring on board.

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Does Your Luggage Get Searched on a Cruise?

Most cruise lines have strict security measures in place to ensure the safety of all passengers on board. This means that the cruise line staff may perform luggage check-in, carry-on, and checked-bag screening. 

They will scan all the bags and check them for prohibited items such as weapons, flammable items, drugs, and other illegal substances.

The staff uses an X-ray machine to scan the bags and ensure that no prohibited items slip through.

Rest assured that your luggage is in safe hands when you hand it over to the staff.

Can I Bring My Own Water or Alcohol?

You might prefer carrying water bottles or your own alcohol when on a cruise, but unlike airlines, most cruise lines will confiscate them.

The cruise lines are strict about this rule and will confiscate the items upon boarding the ship. If you need water or alcohol, you will have to buy them on board or pre-purchase them with a package.

Prohibited Items

Like any other place, there are some things that you cannot bring on a cruise ship. Some examples of prohibited items include weapons, flammable items, and illegal drugs.

Anything that can cause harm or is considered unsafe on board is also prohibited.

Other items not allowed in the cruise cabin are fireworks, drones, candles, and heating pads.

At the port, cruise line staff has the authority to refuse boarding to passengers who do not comply with these security measures.

Ensure you go through the list of prohibited items before you pack your luggage to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Can You Bring a Vape on a Cruise Ship?

Vapes are becoming increasingly popular, and you might wonder if you can bring them on board.

In general, vapes are allowed on most cruise ships.

However, all electronic items are subject to the same screening process. The vape juice must also be in sealed containers, and you must use it only in the designated smoking areas of the ship.

Check with your cruise line for their specific vape policies since the rules might vary across the ships.

How Strict is Cruise Security

Cruise ship security is part of the overall safety plan that ensures that all passengers on board have a great time without worrying about their safety.

Crimes have been committed on ships, including sexual assault. Therefore, strict rules are in place to ensure that passengers are secure. The level of security for each traveler varies, but cruise ships generally go above and beyond to ensure the safety of all passengers.

Some cruise ships will also ask passengers to undergo a health screening before boarding the ship, especially post-pandemic.


When you go on a cruise, expect your luggage to get searched, and there are prohibited items you cannot bring on board.

Follow the guidelines provided by the cruise line, and you will have a fantastic time on the ship.

Remember that the staff is there to make your cruise experience memorable, so be cooperative during the security screening process, and everything will run smoothly.