8 Best Travel Shave Creams | Carry-On TSA-Approved

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Are you seeking the best travel shave creams that won’t break airport security rules?

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just taking a quick trip, having the right shaving cream can make all the difference.

Finding travel-size products that are effective and meet TSA regulations can be difficult. That’s why we have compiled this comprehensive list of the top travel-size shaving creams and gels, so you don’t have to worry about getting held up at security.

We extensively researched each product, including reading customer reviews and testing various formulas to determine which ones work best for different skin types and preferences.

We’ve considered factors such as scent, lather consistency, performance in wet conditions, value for money, portability, and more. All these travel-size shave creams pass the 3-1-1 rule at airport security screening.

Travel-Size Shave Creams
Best for Women
eos Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream, Women's Shave Cream, Fragrance-Free, Skin Care and Lotion with Colloidal Oatmeal, 24-Hour Hydration, 7 fl oz
Best for Women
Harry's Shaving Cream - Shaving Cream for Men with Eucalyptus - 2 pack (3.4 oz)
Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream | Conditioner & Moisturizing Complex | Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Anti-Bump | Made w/Jojoba Oil, Safe to Use on Body & Face | Island Paradise 3.4floz/ 100mL
eos Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream, Women's Shave Cream, Fragrance-Free, Skin Care and Lotion with Colloidal Oatmeal, 24-Hour Hydration, 7 fl oz
Harry's Shaving Cream - Shaving Cream for Men with Eucalyptus - 2 pack (3.4 oz)
Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream | Conditioner & Moisturizing Complex | Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Anti-Bump | Made w/Jojoba Oil, Safe to Use on Body & Face | Island Paradise 3.4floz/ 100mL
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best for Women
Travel-Size Shave Creams
eos Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream, Women's Shave Cream, Fragrance-Free, Skin Care and Lotion with Colloidal Oatmeal, 24-Hour Hydration, 7 fl oz
eos Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream, Women's Shave Cream, Fragrance-Free, Skin Care and Lotion with Colloidal Oatmeal, 24-Hour Hydration, 7 fl oz
Amazon Prime
More Information
Best for Women
Travel-Size Shave Creams
Harry's Shaving Cream - Shaving Cream for Men with Eucalyptus - 2 pack (3.4 oz)
Harry's Shaving Cream - Shaving Cream for Men with Eucalyptus - 2 pack (3.4 oz)
More Information
Travel-Size Shave Creams
Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream | Conditioner & Moisturizing Complex | Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Anti-Bump | Made w/Jojoba Oil, Safe to Use on Body & Face | Island Paradise 3.4floz/ 100mL
Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream | Conditioner & Moisturizing Complex | Ideal for Sensitive Skin, Anti-Bump | Made w/Jojoba Oil, Safe to Use on Body & Face | Island Paradise 3.4floz/ 100mL
Amazon Prime
More Information

In addition to providing detailed descriptions of each product’s features and benefits, this review will also provide helpful tips on choosing your perfect travel companion when it comes to finding an excellent shave cream or gel while traveling.

So grab your passport (or maybe just your laptop) and join us as we explore our top picks for the most reliable travel-size shaving cream.

Is Shaving Cream or Gel Better?

Both shaving cream and gel have advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them largely depends on personal preference and skin type. Let’s compare the two:

Shaving Cream


  • Rich, thick lather that provides a cushioning effect for a smooth shave
  • Moisturizes and softens the skin and hair, making it easier to shave
  • Available in various formulas and scents, catering to different preferences
  • Generally less expensive than shaving gels


  • It can be slightly more difficult to rinse off compared to shaving gels
  • Some shaving creams may contain artificial fragrances or chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin

Shaving Gel


  • Transparent or semi-transparent, allowing you to see the area you’re shaving more clearly
  • It provides a slick, lubricating barrier for the razor to glide smoothly, reducing the risk of cuts and irritation
  • It can be more moisturizing and soothing on the skin due to added ingredients like aloe vera or glycerin
  • Often better for sensitive skin as they tend to be less drying and may contain fewer irritants


  • It can be more expensive than shaving creams
  • It may not provide as much of a cushioning effect between the skin and the razor blade

Ultimately, the choice between shaving cream and gel comes down to your needs and preferences. If you prefer a rich lather and a cushioning effect, go for a shaving cream. If you have sensitive skin or want a more transparent formula for greater visibility while shaving, a shaving gel could be a better option. It’s worth trying both options to determine which works best for you.

Best Travel Shave Creams

1. EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream (Women’s)

Best Women’s Travel-Size Shaving Cream

EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream, Best Travel Shave Cream for Women

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Shaving is one of the most tedious but necessary grooming tasks for women, and it is challenging when traveling; thus, most women carry a travel-size shaving cream.

However, choosing the best one can take time and effort, given the numerous options available in the market. We will discuss the best women’s travel-size shave cream: EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream.

Evolution of Smooth

The EOS brand is one of the most trusted in the beauty industry, known for its innovative and natural product formulations.

EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream is no exception, designed to offer a smooth and comfortable shave while hydrating and soothing the skin.

The brand has existed for over a decade, and millions of women worldwide trust it due to its quality formulations.

Bikini-Area Approved

The EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream is gynecologist-tested and approved for use on the bikini line and pubic hair.

The formulation is gentle on sensitive skin, reducing irritation, ingrown hairs, and razor burns commonly experienced with other shave creams.

Its natural ingredients ensure it does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe and minimizing the risk of infections.

24-hour Hydration

Shea butter is a highly moisturizing ingredient that nourishes and hydrates the skin.

The EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream incorporates this powerful natural ingredient, ensuring that your skin remains supple and soft for up to 24 hours after shaving.

Shea butter also contains vitamins A and E, essential for skin repair and preventing free radical damage.

Shave Wet or Dry

The EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream is versatile, wet, or dry. Hence, no need for water when on the go, making it a convenient option for traveling.

It also does not contain harsh chemicals, making it safe for sensitive skin, and the convenience of using it without water allows you to use it whenever, wherever you are.

Sustainably Sourced 100% Natural Shea Butter

The EOS Shea Better Sensitive Shaving Cream is made from sustainably-sourced and 100% natural shea butter, which makes it environmentally friendly.

The brand is committed to offering high-quality products that are safe for consumers and the environment.

Its emphasis on natural ingredients makes it a perfect option for women who prefer cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional shaving creams.

2. Harry’s Shaving Cream (Men’s)

Best Men’s Travel-Size Shaving Cream

Harry's Shaving Cream. Best Men's Travel-Size Shaving Cream

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So, what’s the best men’s travel-size shave cream out there? Look no further than Harry’s Shaving Cream. This dermatologist-tested product provides a close and comfortable shave and is also made with natural ingredients and factory-direct pricing that won’t break the bank. Read on to discover why Harry’s Shaving Cream is the ultimate solution for men on the go.

Consistency is Key

The key to a successful shave is a smooth and consistent product that helps your razor effortlessly glide over your skin.

Luckily, Harry’s Shaving Cream accomplishes just that. It’s rich lather and velvety texture provides a cushioned barrier between the razor and your skin while minimizing razor burn and irritation.

Whether you are shaving at home or on the go, Harry’s consistency allows for a seamless shaving experience that refreshes your skin.

Natural Ingredients for a Natural Glow

Your skin deserves only the best, and Harry’s Shaving Cream delivers by combining 12 natural oils and extracts to moisturize and refresh the skin. 

Marula oil and eucalyptus are two active ingredients that work together to improve skin elasticity and protect against harmful free radicals.

The formula is also free of harmful chemicals, suiting even sensitive skin types. Say goodbye to dry, irritated skin post-shave and hello to a natural, healthy glow.

Affordable, Factory-Direct Pricing

Don’t let the quality of the product fool you — Harry’s Shaving Cream offers factory-direct pricing accessible to everyone.

The company manufactures its products without the help of any middlemen, which reduces production costs and supports local communities.

Convenient Travel-Size Options

Whether you are heading out of town for a quick business trip or a long-awaited vacation, Harry’s Shaving Cream is designed for travel and on-the-go use.

A 3.4oz travel-size tube fits perfectly in any carry-on or toiletry bag while still providing enough product for several shaves. Don’t sacrifice quality for convenience; choose Harry’s Shaving Cream for a luxurious shave experience anytime, anywhere.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Customers everywhere are singing the praises of Harry’s Shaving Cream, with many claiming it’s the “best shave cream they’ve ever used.”

The product’s consistency, natural ingredients, and affordable price point are just a few of the reasons why customers keep coming back.

3. Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream (Unisex)

Best Unisex Travel Shave Cream

Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream, Best Unisex Travel Shave Cream

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Finding a reliable shave cream can be quite challenging, especially if you are looking for one that works for both genders and comes in a travel-sized container.

Luckily, the Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream has been gaining popularity for its ability to provide a smooth, nick-free shave while also nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Conditioner and Moisturizer

One of the defining features of the Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream is its ability to work as both a moisturizer and a conditioner. This means it hydrates the skin while nourishing the hair follicles, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth after each shave.

The shave cream’s formula is infused with conditioning agents, including Jojoba oil, which has been renowned for reducing skin dryness, making it perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin.

The moisturizing feature of this shave cream is particularly advantageous during travel when your skin may be experiencing more dryness than usual due to varied environmental conditions in different locations.

Made with Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil, extracted from the Jojoba plant’s seeds, is a natural ingredient found in the Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream. The oil penetrates deep into the skin, effectively unclogs pores, and cleanses harmful bacteria. Jojoba oil is a non-comedogenic ingredient, meaning it will not clog pores.

The presence of Jojoba oil in the shaving cream is an optimization because it provides an additional layer of protection against razor burns, rashes, and skin irritation.

While essential oils have different effects based on each individual’s skin type, Jojoba oil’s non-comedogenic nature allows it to work for all skin types, making it an excellent choice for an all-purpose travel shave cream.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin individuals often face the dilemma of finding products that work for them or avoiding certain products altogether. Finding non-irritating, gentle, and calming products can be challenging.

The Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream formula is an excellent choice for sensitive skin types because it features natural ingredients that don’t cause irritation or skin rash.

Additionally, it is alcohol-free. This feature is critical because alcohol is known to cause dehydration and irritation, which translates to painful razor burns, rashes, and itchiness.

Therefore, the Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream is a perfect fit for anyone with sensitive skin, ensuring that unwanted mishaps do not occur during your travels.

Island Paradise Scent

A pleasant fragrance can significantly improve your mood and instantly boost your confidence, and the Coochy Rash-Free Shave Cream delivers an all-time pleasant scent.

The Island Paradise scent is a favorite for several reasons; it’s feminine yet not too girly, masculine yet not too overpowering.

Furthermore, the lightness of the scent lingers for a while, so it is not a perfume that will intrude on your other grooming routines for the day.

Overall, the tropical fragrance rejuvenates the mind and awakens your senses, making it the ideal fragrance for your travels.

4. Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel (Women’s)

Bust Beauty Showerless Shave Gel Travel Size

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Traditional shaving creams can be messy and hard to pack, making it challenging to maintain your beauty regimen. But worry no more; we’ve got the perfect solution for you: Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel, the ultimate travel-size shaving essential.

Safe for Bikini Area

Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel is perfect for all your shaving needs, especially for sensitive areas like the bikini line.

It contains essential natural eucalyptus, clove, and ginger oils, which soothe your skin and prevent irritation.

You can now be confident about your shaving needs no matter where your travels take you. 

3-in-1 Gel

One of the best features of the Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel is its 3-in-1 pre-shave, shave, and post-shave formula.

The gel prepares your skin for a clean shave, helps the razor glide smoothly over your skin, and serves as a moisturizer that enhances your skin’s overall condition, leaving it soft and smooth.

This product takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about particular products for pre and post-shave routines.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin 

Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel is perfect for sensitive skin, and its natural oils provide a soothing sensation you won’t find in traditional shaving creams.

The gel is also paraben-free and alcohol-free, ensuring your skin is healthy, hydrated, and looking its best. 

Cruelty-Free and TSA-Approved 

We know the importance of cruelty-free products, and that’s why we’re proud to say that Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

It’s formulated with natural ingredients to ensure it’s safe for your skin and the environment.

The gel comes in a TSA-approved, travel-friendly size of 3.4 oz. Pack it in your carry-on, and you’re good to go.

5. Kitsch Smooth Shave Butter Bar (Women’s)

Kitsch Smooth Shave Butter Bar (Women's), carry-on approved

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If you’re constantly on the go, you’re also looking for something compact, easy to use, and eco-friendly. That’s where Kitsch Smooth Shave Butter comes in.

It’s a game-changer for women who want to make their shaving routine more efficient while being mindful of the environment.

Here’s why this travel shave bar needs to be on your following packing list.

Smooth Shaving for Women’s Legs

The Kitsch Smooth Shave Butter is an excellent product for women who are always on the go. Its rich formula ensures a smooth and comfortable shave without irritation or razor burn.

The shave bar is enriched with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and glycerin, known for their skin-nourishing properties. 

These ingredients provide your legs with moisture, keeping them soft and supple throughout the day.

It is an ideal product for women looking for a convenient and efficient way to shave while traveling.


The Kitsch Smooth Shave Butter is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional shaving creams. It is free from parabens, fragrances, and plastic bottles, making it a sustainable option for women looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

By using the shave bar, you are also contributing to reducing plastic waste, a major environmental issue. The packaging for the shave bar is minimal, making it compact and easy to carry while traveling.

It is an excellent way to stay eco-friendly while keeping your skin soft and smooth.


For women who are vegan or animal lovers, the Kitsch Smooth Shave Butter is an excellent product.

It is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no animal-derived ingredients. The shave bar is also free from harmful chemicals, making it safe and gentle for all skin types.

Its natural ingredients make it gentle on the skin and help keep the skin’s pH balance in check. It is an ethical and sustainable way to make your shaving routine more convenient and efficient.

Not subject to Airport Liquid Rules

The Kitsch Smooth Shave Butter is a solid shave bar, meaning it is not subject to the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule. This means you can pack it in your carry-on luggage without worrying about the size restriction.

It is perfect for women who like to travel light without sacrificing the quality of their shaving routine. The shave bar is easy to use and saves time without compromising on the quality of the shave.

6. Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream (men’s)

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Cream

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As a man, one of the critical grooming tools you need in your travel bag is shaving cream. Shaving can be a tedious process, especially if you need the right products with you.

Finding the perfect travel-sized shaving cream can be daunting, but we are here to make things easier for you: the Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream and why it is one of the best travel-sized shaving creams for men.

Shea Butter + Vitamin E

This shaving cream is made from all-natural ingredients, and one of its most prominent ingredients is Shea butter and Vitamin E.

These ingredients nourish and moisturize your skin while leaving it feeling soft after shaving.

Shea butter and Vitamin E have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which help prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation. 

Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream is perfect for those with sensitive skin or prone to getting razor burns.

Anti-Redness + Irritation-Free

Speaking of irritation, this travel-sized shaving cream is a game-changer for preventing redness and irritation after shaving.

Its all-natural ingredients soothe the skin during and after shaving, leaving it feeling refreshed and smooth.

With Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream, you won’t have to worry about razor burns, bumps, or ingrown hairs, which can be painful and unsightly.


Another reason why Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream is the best travel-size shaving cream for men is because it comes in a TSA-friendly size of 3.4oz.

This means you can take it with you on your flights without worrying about breaking any rules.

The size is perfect for travel, and the packaging is compact and easy to store in your luggage.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Formula

Pacific Shaving Co., Natural Shaving Cream is vegan and cruelty-free for all our eco and animal-friendly men.

The company takes pride in sourcing and using all-natural ingredients when making their products.

They also do not test on animals, making them an excellent choice for anyone who cares about the environment and animal welfare.

7. MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream (Men’s)

MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream Carry-On Shaving Cream

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This Germany-made product boasts various features that make it an ideal choice for any traveler, from its use of essential oils to its certification from BDIH, the non-profit Association of Industries and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, health care products, food supplements, and personal hygiene products.

Made with Argan Oil

MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream contains essential oils that nourish and hydrate your skin, including argan oil, avocado oil, and kukui nut oil. Argan oil is especially effective in moisturizing the face, thanks to its high vitamin E content, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Meanwhile, avocado oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which can help soothe any nicks or cuts caused by razor burns. On the other hand, Kukui nut oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which can support skin renewal and overall health.

Together, these ingredients create a rich lather that softens your hair and prepares your skin for a smooth and comfortable shave.

Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free

If you are looking for a travel-size shaving cream that reflects your values, MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream should be at the top of your list. 

This product is not only vegan-friendly but also cruelty-free, which means it has not been tested on animals.

By choosing MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream, you can feel good about using an ethical and effective product.

 BDIH Certified

MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream is one of the few shaving creams certified by BDIH, the prestigious German association that evaluates personal care products for their safety and environmental impact.

This means that MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream has met strict standards for quality and purity and does not contain any GMOs, synthetic fragrances, colors, petroleum derivatives, polymers, parabens, or other substances that could harm your health or the environment.

If you want to prioritize sustainability and wellness in your travel routine, MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream is an excellent choice.

Convenient and Portable

One of the most significant advantages of MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream is how easy it is to pack and carry. The small size of the tube (75ml/2.5oz) makes it perfect for travel, and the screw-top lid ensures that it won’t leak or spill into your luggage or toiletry bag.

Additionally, the cream does not require a brush to lather, which means you can use it in any bathroom or on the go without worrying about bringing extra tools or equipment.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream can help simplify your grooming routine.

8. Cremo Shave Cream (Men’s)

Cremo Shave Cream

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You want something compact, convenient and still delivers a close, comfortable shave. Luckily, we’ve got an option that checks all these boxes and more: Cremo Shave Cream.

Protecting Your Skin

One of the enormous benefits of Cremo Shave Cream is its ability to protect your skin from nicks, cuts, and irritation. The natural ingredients used in the formula are designed to soothe and moisturize while you shave.

Macadamia Seed Oil is rich in fatty acids that help to smooth and nourish the skin, while Aloe and Calendula Extracts provide a cooling relief to any irritation you may already have. It’s a shaving cream with your skin’s best interest in mind.

Compact and Convenient

The travel-size version of Cremo Shave Cream is a mere 1oz/30ml, which makes it easy to slip into your toiletry bag or carry-on luggage without taking up too much space or weight.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can rest assured that you won’t have to compromise on your grooming routine just because you’re away from home.

Natural Ingredients

Pay attention to the ingredients in any grooming product you use, and Cremo Shave Cream is no exception.

The Macadamia mentioned above, Seed Oil and Aloe are natural, skin-loving ingredients that go into the formula.

Additional extracts like Lemon and Papaya help to exfoliate and brighten the skin, while Olive Leaf Extract provides antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals.

Great Value

Not only is Cremo Shave Cream a stellar option for your travel needs, but it’s also a great value. Even with everyday use, a single tube of this shaving cream can last up to 15 days, and that’s two weeks of close, comfortable shaves without worrying about running out or replenishing your supply.

User Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it: Cremo Shave Cream has some impressive user reviews to back up its claim as a top travel-sized shave cream for men.

Users rave about how smooth and irritation-free their shaving process is with this product. They also appreciate how long-lasting it is, making it an excellent value for the price.


Traveling with your favorite shaving cream or gel doesn’t have to be a hassle.

With our list of the best travel-size shave creams and gels, you can find something that fits perfectly into your carry-on luggage without worrying about TSA restrictions.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or want the most luxurious product available, there’s sure to be an excellent choice for everyone on this list.

Don’t let traveling keep you from having smooth skin.